Update News:
Degree 14-15 second year exams will begin on October 18/19.
Routine will be published within 2/3 days.
Form Fill Up will be published soon for the 3rd year



Degree 14-15 second year exams will begin on October 18/19




Read one Degree Student Comment:


Degree 15 * 16 has just finished the 1st year exam. But students of Honors 15 * 16 session have finished preparing for the second year after completing Phillip. Examines the students of 15 * 16 years with the degree of 14 * 15 students. But Honors 14 * The 15 year old students completed the second year’s examinations for 1 year. Now the third year will form the date of the film. I have a similar opinion of jobi, degree 3 years and more Four years will be completed in 3 years and the honors will be completed in 4 years. We do not want more than degree degree, just want to finish in 3 years. Just like Honors. And if you can not finish the degree at the right time. Then give degree. There are no honors. Only apply to all jobs by honors, but can not be applied in all the places. Only after sitting unemployed with graduation standards