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60 thousand teachers are teaching in fake certificates

Nearly 60 thousand teachers of secondary, higher secondary and undergraduate levels are now teaching in Jalalsadead across the country. They are withdrawing the salary and allowance from the state treasury after getting government’s pay-order or MPO. In the first five months of this year only 268 teachers’ certificates were detected during the investigation. The DIA has submitted an investigation report to the Education Ministry recommending the withdrawal of fake certified teachers by raising such concerns.


The use of fake snoopers is nothing new for teachers. Dia’s documents have been found, in the 35 years from 1981 till May this year, 51 thousand 992 educational institutions have visited the country and Dia has identified around 4 lakh teachers’ certificates as fake. These teachers raised salary and allowances amounting to Tk 482.78 crore from government treasury during this period.


Dia Director Professor Mofiz Uddin Ahmed Bhuiyan said that these teachers have been identified during the investigation. Due to manpower crisis and capability, it is not possible to investigate all the organizations after inspection. She said that her idea would be at least 40 times the actual number of fake certified teachers who are out of the investigation. As a result, the number of fake certified teachers is more than 60 thousand this year.


Professor Md. Mofiz Uddin Ahmed Bhuiyan said that during the investigation from January to May 17 this year, they have found evidence of 268 teachers’ charter of fake. 8 crore 54 lakh 34 thousand 31 of them have been recommended back to the government treasury. He said, out of the 268 people, 82 percent fake certificates of teachers in the Dhaka division raised salary and allowances of 27 million 21 thousand 697. In this way, 11 teachers of Chittagong and Sylhet divisions of 47 lakh 71 thousand taka, 109 teachers of Rajshahi and Rangpur division took 3 crore 36 lakh 99 thousand and 66 teachers of Khulna and Barisal divisions took up two crore 40 lakh 41 thousand taka.


Dia’s report submitted to the Education Ministry showed that in just one year (June last year till June this year) certificates of 1,185 teachers proved to be fake. This one thousand 518 teachers took salary and allowances from the state treasury in the year 2014-15 to 73 crore 47 lakh 85 thousand 477 taka. The DIA has recommended this money to be collected from the teachers.


The DIA says, with the inadvertent use of fraudulently illegal means, these teachers raised government salaries. They will have to bring all the money back to the government treasury.

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