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Internet Offer Teletalk

State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim inaugurated the new package ‘Aparajita‘ in Teletalk. He inaugurated the state-run mobile phone operator Teletalk package on Sunday.


The minister announced that Teletalk will distribute 20 lakh free SIMs across the country. Now women can call low prices and use the internet. 8 GB per week and 2 GB can be used at 14 GB. From today, free SIM will be available from Teletalk Retailer Center.


Minister :
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It is believed that such a special internet package for women will play a role in “empowering women”.


He said, the EC has not been financing the Teletalk network development project even after approval and approval of the Prime Minister. The minister also urged the finance ministry to discontinue the proposed Tk 610 crore project for the development of Teletalk network.


The minister further said that due to the improvement of the submarine cable, the internet connection speed will be available for the next three days.



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